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I want to tell you how much I like US English Academy and its staff.. I have found through a training period US English Academy is too excellent training center, and provide excellent services to students studying in. I respect your education institution for its concern with its mission and vision towards students and trainers. I tried other institute attending a few demo classes of IELTS, at last I came to the conclusion that I would do it in this academy only will recommend in the coming period, my colleagues and my friends and relatives who are interested in training in English language to joint with your organization.

Emad fahd Mohammed RassaM


I want to tell you something about my learning in US English Academy, when reached in Bangalore I dint know anything about Bangalore so I met some Friend of mine and I told them to guide me to any institute to study English some of them guide me to US English Academy. I started studying from that time worked hard and the best trainers were working hard with us from the beginning to the last day not just in the institute even outside when we need help anywhere everywhere. I thank to all teachers and Staff in US English Academy.


(Mangalore, India)

I have completed B.Tch and started searching for jobs in 2013. I couldn't get through in interviews as my English was not good. Once I was browsing I got to know about US English Academy. I went there and Mr. Hiraz explained about Effective communication Skills, but it was too far from my place. They suggested to attend a demo class after that I decided to join. When my course was towards the end the trainers of US English Academy forced me to attend some interviews. I got selected in Infosys. Now I am drawing a good salary only because of US English Academy.


(Sri Lanka)

I wanted to get individual 7 band in IELTS as I chose Canada for my higher studies. I did some online test then I came to know that it was not so easy. One of my friend suggested me to join in US English Academy. After attending few classes they had given me mock test, there I could track my progress. The rigorous and effective training and the trainers helped me to get a 7.5 band score. I recommend this institute to those who wish to get a good score in IELTS or TOEFL.

Rowda Saeed Omar


Hi everyone... I would like to share my experience in India and in US English Academy. I am writing this now because I feel that I miss so many things. Mainly, US Academy. Trainers and others. I was scared and felt homesickness when I reached India as many of them speak English and other languages. But everyone in the academy tried to make the students comfortable. So I became enjoyed my studies and we have so much fun in class which gave an evergreen memories.

Mustafa Ibrahim Idris


Studying in US English Academy was a different feel for me . I never thought earning English was this much fun. Powerful management and good trainers made this Academy the best in Bangalore.

Sujita Shrestha


I enquired many institute in kammanahalli to get IELTS training, but I was not happy. Most of the institutes ask the students to practice the book. So I was not happy, one of my colleague suggested me to join US English academy, where I found the trainers helped the student to build the skills and they conduct free mock test as well. Which help the student to gain confident. Now I can say, without fear I can appear for the test.



What makes US English academy different from other institute is the Trainers, their passion and dedication surprised me which I could never experience in my country. The powerful supporting team in the academy give any new students feel comfortable.. Thanks to all in the academy. You made my studies easier.

Fatemah Gomroki


Before I joined in US English Academy, I could speak English but I got stuck in certain situation, I met Mr. Hiraz and told him, what surprised me the most was instead of asking to join a course, he asked me to do a test to asses my level. I scored 35 on 50 then he suggested Effective communication skills was the right course for me. I realized this one month course which strengthen my English after that I got the confidence to do IELTS as well.

Ugyen Wangchuk


I am so sad now as I miss all my dear teachers and friends in India. And I miss Us English Academy a lot. Studying in US English academy was interesting. US English Academy has good trainers with good accent which forced me to continue my studies after diploma .I wish, I Could stay and continue my studies...

Ahmad Omid Ahmadi


I have good memories about the days I spent in India, especially in US English Academy .I went two trips with them while I was studying. What I like the most in US English Academy is that they use the modern technique to teach. For Example:-they made a what's app group where the students can talk to the teachers if they have any doubts any time . That helped me to update my knowledge even though I am not studying there.

Tshilombo Cubian Odia


US English Academy is the best institute for English in Bangalore. The people, over there give new comers a feeling that it is their second home.

Pankamon Rangese-


I got good trainers who can correct my mistakes and also correct my pronunciation in US English Academy. Now people won't laugh at me for my strong Mother tongue influence. Apart from the training, the language lab has lots of materials uploaded in the system to correct pronunciation with free of cost is the big advantage of US English Academy.

Omar Ibrahim Diallo


When I was studying in Us English Academy, what I liked the most was they wouldn't allow any students to take leave more than 3 days. They called up the students and force them to come, they gave extra classes on Saturday if any student missed any units. Thanks all... for the care that you gave to the Students.

Husseein Dhahi Ali

( Iraq)

I studied only 2 months in US English Academy Kammanahalli. But I can say, their approach to me as a student from the day I enrolled till complete the course was the same. I really appreciate the teachers they gave special attention to all students which help the students to speak better in my class. I recommend everyone to study in US English Academy, if you really want to improve your English.

Nawaf Mohammed saleh H Alsulami Saeed

(Saudi Arabia)

US English Academy has good trainers and good academy in Bangalore. I miss you all.. I will come back to you again..

Mahmood Zahir Sarahan Al Amri


I Like US English Academy a lot. Teachers, Mr. Hiraz and everyone..I miss my class too.. You are wonderful..

Katy Christiane Marie Andree Diogo


US English Academy has good teachers, Lab, class room. I Learnt grammar in my country and I hate it. But the Book in this academy is used the best and the teachers know well how to teach grammar without making students board.

Khalid Sayed Abdelghany Mohamed Ahmed


My experience in US English academy was great, we had lots of fun. We could improve English fast as we have different nationalities in class. We leant English in many ways , not only from the books, Trips , Fun Fridays, Movies, class activities ..etc. I can never forget US English Academy in my life.

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